Giancarlo Botazzi


Discipline Lead / Sr Structural Engineer


Giancarlo leads the Structural Engineering team at HFA. With more than 30 years of experience in a wide variety of building structural engineering projects throughout the United States, he actively participates in all structural projects at HFA, whether advising or in analysis and design. Giancarlo and the structural group have designed complex building renovation projects and new single-story and multi-story building structures. He has comprehensive knowledge of design standards and codes dealing with structural steel, concrete, precast concrete, masonry, wood, and the IBC and other specific state building code requirements. He has in-depth experience using the RAM Structural System and other computer software, as well.

HFA work

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Additional work

IWG Spaces
ShopKo Warehouse and Distribution Center
Chase Farms Freezer Distribution Center
Verizon Wireless
Market Basket, Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Whole Foods Markets and Hannaford Supermarkets
University Station

Houston, TX
Omaha, NE
Walkersville, MI
Roslindale, MA
Various Locations
Westwood, MA