Bridging the Gap: Balancing Design and Industrialized Construction

Phillip Richter, Blake Hollingshead, P.E., Meghan Davis, Cody Fields
Steven Baker, AIA, NCARB

We are pleased to publish this white paper, "Bridging the Gap: Balancing Design and Industrialized Construction", in which we examine the current state of Industrialized Construction, its impact on stakeholders' jobs, and how it can be successfully implemented to dramatically increase construction speed and quality.

HFA's work in Industrialized Construction with our current clients has shown us where technology and application gaps exist, allowing us to provide much-needed information and advice to colleagues within the industry interested in exploring Industrialized Construction projects in the future.

In this white paper you will learn:

• What Industrialized Construction is and how it works

• What is needed to support a mature industrialized construction industry

• The new roles of owners, designers, manufacturers and contractors when applying IC