Nathan Connors Promoted to Multi-Site Lead in Bentonville

Nathan will be able to build a broader structure to support future programs.

Nathan Connors (P.E.) has been named as a Senior Team Lead at HFA. We’re excited to celebrate this achievement with him and want to take the time to formally introduce him so you can get to know him a little better. Congratulations Nathan!

Nathan brings 12 years of commercial design experience to his new role as Multi-Site Lead, which includes work on new developments, remodels, acquisitions, custom and prototypical designs. He has adopted a technology-forward approach to his projects, allowing him and his team to manage information, changes, and prototype design developments in an efficient and collaborative way for his clients.  

“I have been a part of many great multi-site programs and have learned to adopt great processes and relationships to help lead both new and existing programs,” said Connors.  “I feel that I have had, and continue to have, a wide variety of experience and relationships with many of the teams here at HFA. This has given me a great perspective on systems and processes that work well and those that might need improvements.”

During his tenure at HFA, Connors has worked with a range of clients, including those in the retail, fueling and travel stop, and convenience store industries. This diversified experience has given him the understanding needed to lead his team to success in various industries, supporting several different clients. This appointment is a testament to the hard work and dedication that Connors has exemplified throughout his career with us.

“Nathan is being promoted to a role he has already proven that he can perform. He has great leadership skills, a strong work ethic, and he excels at company involvement. In addition to leading multiple programs, he also serves as Engineer of Record for his programs. He has dedicated much of his time working on Project Delivery initiatives within the firm and unselfishly does whatever is needed or asked,” says Greg Schluterman, Vice President of Engineering at HFA.

Schluterman adds, “Promoting Nathan to this role helps create the platform needed for his team to grow. Nathan will be able to build a broader structure to support future programs.”

Connors says that he’s most looking forward to the opportunity to work with more leaders throughout HFA, becoming an ambassador that helps drive initiatives to allow us to work smarter and more efficiently as one.  

He concludes with, “When we become experts at project delivery, we can improve our relationships and add services for our clients, allowing us to become true and highly-valued solution providers.”

Written by
Greg Schluterman

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