The Future of A+E

Fully Integrated.
Highly Collaborative.

With our integrated team, all your key players are working together from day one. Better integration enables us to move quicker, accomplish more, and collaborate easily, no matter where you're based.

Design Smarter
Leverage your building data to help inform smarter design decisions and curate a better customer experience.
Launch Sooner
Integrate your team, tools, and communications across all disciplines to streamline your design process.
Scale Faster
Create adaptable prototypes that are designed for scale and built for changing conditions.
Stephen Baker
Single-Source STUDIO

Bring your whole design team together.

At HFA, we unite the expertise of your multi-discipline team of architects, engineers, permitters, and other industry professionals, so you can:
Maximize coordination across disciplines
Streamline communications and gather feedback earlier
Create higher quality documents that can be delivered sooner
What We Do

Discover solutions from
concept to launch.


Concept Design

Design stunning concepts that resonate with your patrons.

Integrated A+E

Project Delivery

Develop higher quality documents, more efficiently, without compromise.

Solutions for Scale


Create adaptable models that can be rolled out across the country.

Do more with your data.

By leveraging the latest in construction technology, we can help your designers and team make better decisions early on, saving you time and money.

Built on Revit

Collaborate more effectively with near-instantaneous shared access to your digital models.

Powered by BIM

Access more of your building data before, during, and after construction.

Master the multi-site experience.

With more than three decades of multi-site expertise, we have the tools and talent to develop solutions that scale to meet the size and complexity of your program.


Number of communities we've helped impact.


state licensures, so we can collaborate no matter where you're based.

Design, launch, and scale with confidence.

HFA helps streamline your design process, so your team can stay focused on growth.