Matchstick BY HFA

An innovative approach to concept design.

Matchstick is a concept design service hyper-focused on the patron experience. Our first goal is always to create an experience that makes sense for your customers, and one that creates a natural flow through your space.

Design more meaningful spaces.

Keeping your patrons at the center of our design process helps us create environments that are not only functional, but also create the most positive interactions between your space and your customers.
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Our Mission
Bringing storytelling to life through the built environment.

Understand your patrons better

Before we begin drafting, we want to take a deep dive into your culture and better understand your brand, so that we can create a narrative that matches your goals and resonates with your patrons.

Optimize your layout

From entry to seating and circulation, the location of every element contributes to the operation of your space. A better understanding of your environment helps us create layouts focused on movement and flow through your building.

Uncover problems from the start

When it comes to implementation, the further into a project, the more costly changes become. We want to help identify and fix problems from the start, so that you can maximize operations and get the most out of your budget.
For Retailers
Design flexible and adaptable spaces that adapt to new consumer habits and resonate with your customers.
For Restaurants
Strengthen your brand identity and optimize the flow and operations of your space to improve and enhance the dining experience.
For Entertainment
Transform cutting-edge sports and entertainment concepts into a reality that can be shown to investors and stakeholders.

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Design, launch, and scale with confidence.

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