Matt Turner Named Senior Team Lead Supporting HFA’s Walmart Team 

Turner, a 14-year veteran of HFA, joins the senior leadership team responsible for supporting the Fortune 500 company.

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas – August 1, 2023 — HFA Architects + Engineers recently announced an addition to the senior leadership structure supporting one of its largest retail clients, Walmart. Architect Matt Turner, AIA, NCARB, has been promoted to Senior Team Lead, effective immediately.  

Turner is no stranger to this client, having served various Walmart project managers and their teams throughout his 14-year tenure at HFA. He has worked on Walmart remodel projects, spent time supporting new and ground-up stores, and has experience leading the special projects team on behalf of HFA, as well.  

Turner is an alumnus of the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at the University of Arkansas, which is not far from Walmart’s Home Office. His intimate knowledge of the retailer is due in large part to his experience and is aided by his front-row seat to the innovation and evolution of the retail giant’s outlook on store layout and ever-changing customer needs.  

“Walmart and Sam’s Club are innovative clients and as such, they are typically on the bleeding edge of retail," said Turner.  

“My new role is going to allow us [HFA] to focus on continued growth around new project types with Walmart and Sam’s Club, increasing our value and solidifying our position as a trusted client partner. This growth will hopefully provide more opportunities for our designers to experience and learn about new project types within the retail sector,” he added.

Walmart, which has yet again led the Fortune 500 list for the 11th year in a row, has been a client- of HFA since the very beginning. In 1993, HFA and Walmart began a partnership that has only grown in scale since. A key factor in this successful partnership has been the quality of leadership this team has been fortunate to have to support its day-to-day work. Leaders like Turner.  

“Matt brings extensive retail experience to his new position as well as the innate ability to translate our clients’ visions into reality. Matt’s integrity distinguishes him as a leader able to recognize problems before they become critical, and he has a sincere dedication to his team, fostering the growth and development of our future leaders,” said HFA Vice President Bo Ebbrecht, AIA, NCARB, RIBA.

Turner notes that he has been blessed with great mentors, leaders, and friends throughout his time at HFA.  

“The best part of HFA has always been our people and the firm leadership. We work together, we learn from our mistakes together, and we ultimately win together,” says Turner.  

As he continues working to adapt his team to meet the ever-evolving needs of retail clients posed for continuous growth, Turner knows that the present informs the future and he’s excited to have the opportunity to affect that future firsthand.  

“I want to be the steadfast force that continues pushing forward to a better future for our people, our clients, and the communities that we work in,” concludes Turner.  

Written by
Ashley Hayre