Evan Niehues


Landscape Architect


Throughout Evan’s professional career, he has specialized in a wide variety of design, consulting, marketing, and strategy implementation. This variety of services has allowed him to provide technical and planning assistance, coordination, and leadership to diverse teams of architects, landscape architects, surveyors, planners, engineers, and clients. As a landscape architect on these projects, Evan has also had the opportunity to create marketing materials, drawings, maps, and presentations to inform the local community about the project, facilitate their involvement, and gain favorable responses.  He enjoys working with clients and the community to find solutions that work with a project’s inherent opportunities and constraints to develop conceptual alternatives, bringing them to fruition with construction documents, as seen through proper inventory, analysis, and planning. This, in turn, gives him the ability to read and comprehend plans, grading and drainage, and multi-task multiple projects at a time.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Arkansas, 2007

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