Design spaces that keep customers coming back.

From national chains and local franchises to one-of-a-kind local flavor, our team has the experience necessary to make your dining dreams a reality.

Trusted by nationwide brands
Fully Integrated A+E

Bring your whole design team together.

We unite your multi-discipline team of architects, engineers, permitters, and project delivery experts, so you can:
Streamline communications between owners, tenants, and your full A+E team
Right-size your project and forecast an accurate budget as early as the concept stage
Gather feedback sooner with the help of early design packages, visualizations, and renderings

Develop prototypes from the ground up.

With years of experience to draw on, our team of seasoned architects, designers, and engineers have what it takes to help your restaurant scale with confidence, speed, and precision.

Relying on our expertise in prototype development and management, our team has what it takes to make your brand a family favorite.

Project highlight: Bojangles

Built to be flexible

Plan ahead with prototypes built for changing conditions.

With supply chain uncertainties and material shortages, managing forward progress when it comes to prototypes can be tricky. Our team is excited to offer insight and expertise when it comes to establishing flexible prototypes. We want to put you in the driver’s seat and allow you and your team to scale with speed and confidence.

Design, launch, and scale with confidence.

HFA helps streamline your design process, so your team can stay focused on growth.